Developing Beautiful Minds – For Children aged six to twelve. Seven weeks.

21st Century Learners

Rise Up Kidz engage in real life problem solving over seven weeks. An hour of power learning. They develop high order thinking, questioning and leadership skills.

Their confidence soars as they interact with other Kidz, Rise Up Educators and their community.


6 week programmes where children are engaged in real life problem solving an hour of power learning to develop the following:

  1. High order thinking and questioning
  2. Problem solving strategies
  3. Leadership skills

Garage Sale-Fundraiser for Christchurch Earthquake
Marketing Team

Miss Sita worked alongside the A-Game team- ‘Signs Team to design the Rise UP Kidz Flyer.
The design was then given to our Graphic Designer for the final version.
Garage Sale Flyer Designed by Elone Fungavaka & Peni Asaeli.

Garage Sale Items Team

Amaka    Amelia
Madison    Leonie
Jade    Fou
Maliu    Romion
Romion    Pharell
What is our role and responsibility for the Garage sale? Miss Elaine To sort, sift, store and sell the garage sale items
Garage Sale Planning Team

“What is your role and responsibility for the garage sale?” asks Miss Cecily
“Draw a map to direct people where they are going” Mary-Ellen
“Set up to know where everything is”
“Make a plan to tell where everything is”
“So that the Rise UP Kidz will what they are doing” Mary-Ellen, Te Tani & Shania
SERVOLUTION- Random Acts of Kindness
Gallery: Rise Up Kidz