Setting Up Whanau for Success – For Parents and Caregivers who have completed Hearts & Minds to work together with their children. Seven weeks.

Releasing the Gold

Three way learning, where Educators take Parents and their Kidz through real life problem solving strategies. Whanau explore ways to think and ask questions with their Kid. They develop their communications skills as they work with their child’s learning style, love language and personality style.

Whanau make touchdowns as they practice learning and problem solving together. Seven weeks.


Delivery of 3-way learning sessions, where the Educators will take parents / caregivers and their children through real problem solving

Whanau Will ...


Programme: Chocolate Challenge

Love Languages has improved our family communications while doing homework. By using words of affirmation towards Gafatasi the atmosphere is a lot more open for him to respond. Raymond also excels with words of affirmation but I use it to get him enthusiastic about starting his homework. For Raymond physical touch by means of a hug and an act of service by means of kicking a ball with him afterwards best suits him.- Rimoni whanau

Positive’s-‘We can communicate and co-operate better’  

Difficulties-‘Finding out who will be the leader, we had too many leaders in the family’. Pao-12

The most valuable things we learnt as a family was having fun, communication and respect. Noble-Peauafi whanau

Gallery: Synergy