Vision: Sharpening mothers for the highest calling…

Mission: Women will flourish in their roles at home, work and in their community.

  1. Equipping mothers in the 21st Century
  2. Developing Life-long learners
  3. Impacting our future generations


Pukeko is a Womens self leadership support network focused on teaching and empowering women to flourish in Motherhood……the Highest Calling.

Women will:

  1. Develop a greater sense of self esteem
  2. Build relationships with other women to extend their resource network
  3. Share their individual expertise
Using various approaches including:

  1. Practical workshops with various Home Executive topics.
  2. Self-Leadership studies.

Pukeko women have an opportunity to build relationships and receive mentoring which helps them become transformed from the inside out. These women flourish and impact their whanau, workplace and community.


I found the Home X classes to be the most practical and relevant to being a ,single parent… I use most of what I LEARNT FROM THIS COURSE in my everyday life. I enjoy being a mother because I now have the knowledge, resources and tools to provide for my family… Thank you Rise UP Team & Home X.- Paloma

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